Wine Culture

The gastronomic richness of the zone that occupies PDO Jumilla is a result of the crucible of cultures that have impregnated the zone and the quality of the offered products; consistent plates, surprising tapas, a singular confectionary, its olive oil, and the flavor of its goat cheeses and its wines, both with Denomination of Origin. The gazpacho manchego, cooked with chunks of a kind of cake made of wheat flour without fermenting, meat of hunt and highland snails, is one of their outstanding dishes, together with the gachamiga, a winter plate of great caloric value and deep-rooted popular tradition thanks to its simplicity, whose ingredients are flour, oil, garlics, water and salt. Relleno or Pelotas, formerly a Christmas’ day dish, is currently cooked at any time of the year and made with breadcrumbs dipped in water or milk, minced liver or loin, eggs, garlics, parsley and cooked -in the shape of balls- in the broth of the stew. A festival of flavor. Empanadas de Patatas, vastly made during Semana Santa, are cooked with a mass of flour, oil, water and salt, filled with fried potatoes, tuna, cooked eggs, peppers, pine kernels and parsley. Fried goat cheese with tomato is a fresh cheese elaborated with milk produced by an autochthonous breed, the Murciano-Granadina goat, and fried using olive oil. Served with fried tomato. The Murcia cheese made of wine and the same foresaid goat breed milk but cooked in red wine has a creamy and elastic texture and an acid flavor, being a bit salty and leaving a soft scent.

Dulces típicos

Highly advisable to taste are also the rice and rabbit with snails, the fried kid with garlics, the fritillas, the mortirigüelo, the michirones, the rice with collejas, the rabbit in patagorrina or mojete. Although they are now consumed during all the year, the traditional confectionery was typical to be made at Christmas and named Frioleras. Sequillos, a dry pastry made of a mass of flour, eggs and oil decorated with a sugar and egg white meringue, or Pirusas, made with flour, eggs, oil, anisette and sugar, are the most appreciated ones together with wine rolls, made of a flour, wine, sugar and butter mass, covered with sugar and cinnamon or anisette cakes, made of a flour, oil, sugar, and anisette mass, covered by pumpkin or Angel hair squash.

We could also enjoy Mantecados de Almendra, made with a flour, almonds, sugar and egg white mass, battered with sugar, cinnamon and whisked eggs, or Cristóbalas, made of a compact mass of almonds, sugar, egg and a bit of cinnamon. Paparajotes and Suspiros are also a great tasty experience.
Don’t hesitate tasting any of the hereby presented pastry in combination with POD Jumilla wines.