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Castillo de Jumilla

Having Iberians, Arabs and Romans inhabited the zone that now occupies P.D.O Jumilla, their cultural and patrimonial fingerprint has its reflection in the incredible deposits, buildings and monuments that can be found in their municipalities, such as the Castle of Jumilla, dated from the 15th century, and built on the Roman accession and the Arabic fortress which stands out high on the hill. The Tower of Honoring, in great conditions, and the court of weapon, the church of Santiago (S. XV-XIX), declared national monument and a symbol of the city, the Former Council and the Strap -dated from 16th century and considered an example of the civil architecture of the Renaissance- are some of the remarkable opportunities for enjoying sightseeing in Jumilla. In Hellín, traditional crossroads of paths, between the tableland, the coast of Murcia and Sierra Morena leading to Valencia we will find vestiges of the castle in the historical part of the city, churches with a varied collection of sacred sculptures, lordly houses, ceramic craftworks, and natural environments, such as: The Volcano of Cancarix, the marshes, the Mundo and Segura rivers, and the valleys of Agramón and Las Minas.

In Tobarra, the church of La Asunción –Cultural Property- has an outstanding sculpture of La Dolorosa virgin by Francisco Salzillo and being one of the most devoted during its well-known Semana Santa. In Ontur, together with the Hermitage of San Jose, we will find the necropolis of Las Eras, from the Roman epoch and Ontur’s famous five articulated dolls made of ivory and amber which today are the jewel of the Archaeological Museum of Albacete. The locality of Fuente-Álamo has a church of the 18th century, of neoclassic style, realized by the architect Lorenzo Alonso Franco which was consecrated in 1798 and contains Manuel Muñoz Barberán’s paintings representing Maria’s Assumption. Those visiting Montealegre del Castillo, would find two religious baroque buildings; the church of Santiago Apóstol and, on the outskirts, the hermitage of La Consolación virgin.